Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strike Freedom Gundam Repaint (Update 01)


Well, my commission for Destiny Gundam didn't go through. What means, now I have time to work on "Strike Freedom Gundam Repaint" YEAH!

Also, I wanted to introduce one Japanese pro modeler's websites. Japanese modelers go far beyond my imagination in working/customizing gunpla models this person will cause some "jaw- dropping reaction"

His name is "Keita" and you can check out his works here

I want to copy (yes! I said it, I WILL COPY) one of his color scheme for Strike Freedom Gundam (Here). It's been done by someone else (yes someone else already copied it LOL) but it’s just too cool not to try it myself.Well, wish me good luck and check me in few days for newly painted SFG!!


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