Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bandai 1/72 VF-25S Part 3 of 3


VF-25S poject is DONE!

Well, actual model wa done as of part 2 of this post. On this post, I will work on custome make base for VF-25S.

Background information

This mecha is used predominately in the space (in animation series). Thus, I wanted to create "moon surface" like base (with crater and all). Also, I wanted to incorporate Bandai Action Base 1 so it can display the model properly. O.K enough talk, checkout the WIP photos below.

The Base

I used ¾ inched thick plywood as the base of this construction. The dimension was 7.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches long (It was odd dimensions indeed. However worked with Bandai Action Base 1 I incorporated in to the base).

Next, I displayed model with Bandai Action Base 1 and adjust the location on the plywood board.

Next, secured the Bandai Action Base 1 on the plywood board, and plug all the holes with some rolled up cottons. Then I used aluminum foils to fill in the space around the action base.

Next, I used “Rigid Wrap: Plaster Cloth” from Michael’s Art Store to cover the foil and shape the terrain features. Same technique was used in my previous custom made base for my Arctic Warfare Zaku project HERE. *Note* I placed some circular boundaries around some holes to ensure I get some crates in the finished product.

Next I broke some volcanic rocks I got from various trips I took from past to get some “rock powders” that will create the effect/texture of “moon surface”.

Next, I used some “Liquitex: Black Lava texture gel” from Micheals Art Store to shape and form the details of terrain. Then I sprinked the "rock powders".

After it has been dried, I pulled off the cotton balls and gave it a base coat of dark grey.

Next, I applied second layer of " texture gel followed by final sprinkles of "rock powders" and boulders.

O.K, DONE! Here are some photos of finished product.

Thanks for reading!!