Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project Arctic Warfare Zaku: 205 (AWZ: 205) Part 2 of 4


This is part 2 of 4, "Project Arctic Warfare Zaku (AWZ: 205)". On this post, I will show how to finish the base.

The base was left in "basic grey" color at the end of previous post. Here, I used “Liquitex: Black Lava texture gel” to shape and form the details of terrain.

This is what it looks once it was dried.

I fitted AWZ’s feet to bring out the realism of “snow and mud slush” as stumble through the terrain.

Next, I colored the base. Here are some tips for coloring the base. First, think about the logical order of dirt in the cross section. In my mind, the darkest part of the soil would be the deepest and the top most layer. Then there would be some lighter brown colors and perhaps little bit of green on top. This is just what I imagine in my head. You can use your own ideas…. The important thing to remember is that the order you want (think it should be) should be the order you color the base. So in this base, I colored the whole thing with black. Then I added the layers of highlights going from dark brown to two shades of light brown. Then I touched up the surface with bit of green.

Next, the fun part! Here I added "pre-made" snow pack I got from local model train store. It was called "Hudson & Allen Studio: Snow". It was only $8.99 and I used about 1/10 of it making the base so it was a great buy.

It was applied with water & glue (elmer's) as a paste like consistancy. First, I applied these "snow paste" to hard-to-reach area and also the locations where AWZ's feet would step. This will accomplish "old and packed-in" snow look.
I could've stop here but I wanted to show one more techniques. This will accomplish the look of "fresh" snow. First, I mixed elmer's glue with some water. Then I applied all over the base. Finally I "sprinkled" the same "snow mixture". This will secure any lose snows on top of the base.

Here are some close up shots of the base with Zaku.

Thanks for reading.
AWZ:205 part 3 of 4 will be up soon.


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