Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strike Freedom Gundam Repaint (Incomplete)


In this post, I will discuss the difference between

1. MG Strike Freedom Gundam (SFG)

2. MG Strike Freedom Gundam Special Version (Special SFG)

Now, one obvious difference is the price (about $20). But nearly 73 bucks for MG gundam??
What is the difference indeed?

I am using photos some from dalong.net as reference. Plus I took some photos of my own for your viewing pleasure.

First difference is that the Special SFG will come with extra stand so you can do this!

Second difference is the inner frame of Special SFG is gold plated so that you can enjoy the awesome, "anime-like", sparkly gold frame views!!! (well supposely).... but wait a minute..:( ?

Above two runners are the only gold plated runners...... something is wrong here! Let me see..

Here is a front and back frame shots of Special SFG. Notice something?

How about now?

Indicated in red circles above are ALL AREA that are gold plated for the gundam's main frame. Rest of the gold plated runners are used in the wing (I'll talk about that later)

So these are it? Not the whole body frame?.... that's sad.

Due to uneven-ness of gold plated parts, Special SFG present these following gold color schemes..some are gold plated, some are not.... to me that is a deal breaker (These none-gold plated frame color looks the same as the color of runny-poo my dogs create when they are sick! LOL)

Even on the wingframs?!!!! Oh no!!

Legs too (runny, yellow poo!! BOO)

Arms also....

Finally, there are some urgly cut marks (from cutting the gold plated parts from the tree).

Now, enough with the negative talks. What will I do to address this..? Well to me, the answer was "Krylon Spray Paint: Metallic Brilliant Gold" from wal-mart!... If you do this, please make sure that spray paint is safe for the plastic, other wise your gundam WILL FALL APART!

First, I cut out all the runners of SFG (normal version) and secured them on the cardboard using masking tapes (Also, I took the photos below so that I can easily find them later. Also, noticed how yellow these original parts are? Click for the larger photos).

Next, I gave two light coats to cover the parts (Both front and back). When you do this, make sure it is light (I mean "LIGHT" applications, keep them about a foot away from the parts, then just go side to side fast so that there are no dripping of paints on the parts. If you do, some of the frame details will be covered by it) applications.

It turned out vey nicely (This is practically same as airbrushing). Click to view larger pictures.

Here are some frame shots of "SFG: Zebu's Special Version" lol.

1. Gold plated frame
2. Very evenly painted (no irregularity)
3. Gold plated parts are (in my opinion of course) not as bright, but definately not that yellowish ugly poo color of normal SFG.

Sustained from Normal SFG
1. No extra stand to do that cool action shot display.
2. ALL mobility preserved. Paint job did NOT altered the mobility.

*Note: Except for the last photo, I did not change any brightness and/or contrast of the photos so what you see is pretty much what it look under normal desktop lamp light. Click to view larger photos.

Pretty isn't it?

Thanks for reading!!



vladd said...

I notice you dont have any comments here.

So I thought I would be the first, first of all, I think you have done awesome job with your models.

I almost want to buy your Zaku from ebay but I perfer making my own models ^^
I have two "finished" MG's (Freedom & Destiny) but my next MGs will get some custom paint and weathering and so on.

Anyway, please continue to post alot and show off your skills, because now your blog is on my fav. links! ;D

Busterbeam said...

looking good!

eddie s said...

hey, how did you do that masking tape board thing? did you place masking tape upside down and then taped on the edges to make the sticky side stay up for holding the pieces?
also when you spray painted, how did you get the sides of the gold inner frame, did you sprayed at an angle, gave it a 180 turn and sprayed at an angle again?
that Valkyrie looks sick
thanks as always

jantee1990 said...

hey i'm thinking of doing the same but i've never sprayed before. i'm scared to ruin it. is it advisable to still spray? i mean is it easy to do it? also are there parts that SHOULD NOT be sprayed? any help is very appreciated thanks! btw great job on that inner frame.

MonstreCharmant said...

I've no idea if you even keep up with this anymore, but I wanted to ask something. I'm planning on using the exact same spray paint on my PG Strike Freedom, but I wanted to ask: did you have to prime the parts first? I didn't see it mentioned anywhere that you did, so I was just wondering.