Friday, September 19, 2008

Project Arctic Warfare Zaku: 205 (AWZ: 205) Part 3 of 4


AWZ 205: part 3 of 4 here.
I will discuss some very cool and very cheap ways to add details on gunpla models.

A. First I used "Krylon" Matte Finish to seal the paints and diorama base. You can use the seal made specially for plastic model (More expensive). For me, this worked just as well as the expensive ones. Plus, I can get this from Wal-mart.

B. Second, I used "Iron-on Rhinestones & studs" for mono eye of AWZ:205 and scope lense. I know it may sound crazy but it works great. This also can be obtained from your local Wal-mart.
C. Third, I also used "Iron-on studs". See close-up photos below. Width of rhinestones (left) range from 3mm to about 7 mm so these are perfect for mono eyes of Zaku and scopes of bazookas. The studs (right) are about 2-3 mm.

So, lets get to it. Below is the head of AWZ:205. I did not like the traditional "pink sticker over the clear plastic part" for mono eye idea.

Installation is fairly easy.

1. Take out the clear mono eye part and file it down to about depth of "Iron on Rhinestones" to make space for the rhinestone.
2. Simply glue the rhinestone on to the clear mono eye.

After installation.

As you can see below, mono eye is completely functional and reflects the light.

Before and after shot. Sorry for the poor lighting. click to see this as larger pic.

Next is the installation of metal stud. Installing the metal stud gives the look of metal pin holding in the armor plates in place.

First, I used dremel tools to grind the location.
Second, glue the studs.

Here are some tips. When you do this, make sure that the locations of studs are believable. Also, use minimal number of studs and rhinestones to keep your models from looking...say "pretty" LOL.

Thanks for reading.

I hope to finish this project in near future and post the final post ( part 4 of 4) in few days.


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