Friday, December 5, 2008

Bandai 1/72 VF-25S Part 2 of 3


Applying sticker on VF-25S is not hard. However, I wanted to be able to transform between modes without worrying about them coming off…

Red circles indicate some area that will most likely rub off during transformation.

Now, Lets look at the red circle area below. I decide to go crazy and use CRAZY GLUE to strengthen the stickers. Yellow arrow indicates the location where I applied very VERY little amount of super (crazy) glue.

Next, I cut the sticker by the red lines so that it won't get rubbed off during transformation.

Next three shots will show how the area below the wing hinge is now free from being rubbed off.

Same method was used at the tip of tail fins (?)
1. Super glue drop
2. cut off the excess sticker (red line)

All the edges in the red circle were treated with same techinique. After several transformations, I am happy to inform you that all the stickers are still intact. I plan to file it down smooth and apply top coat. I hope that will eliminate the glue marks.
Here are some finished shots before weathering.

Basically, you don't have to go any further with the model and just finish it with the seal and call it a day. However, I wanted to put some weatering effects on it.
Many asked me about weathering techniques. In my opinion, "weathering techinique" can be very subjective argument (in other words, do as YOU please). I went for a "light weathering" without any physical alteration to the kit (i.e. battle damage).
There are several weathering techiqnues I used in the past. These were:
1. Weathering pen
2. Pastel
3. Tamiya Weathering kit
4. Enamel wash
I used weathering kit on this model (I got them from E-bay, search "weathering kit").

Very easy to do. It kinda reminds you of make-up kit.

*Important: Don't go crazy with the weathering kit. Apply very light amount. Lighter the better. If you can barely tell that it is on, then it will look more natural.
Here are some finished shots.

So that's it! I am done with VF-25S. On Part 3 VF-25S, I will post some more photos and about custom made base (Nothing fancy, probably similar to one I made for my "Arctic Warfare Zaku".)
Thanks for reading.

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Shintoryu said...

What did you use to seal it? I tried sealing some parts and the decals wrinkled up. :-( I did my best to fix it up but it's not the best. Any advice?