Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strike Freedom Gundam Repaint (Update 02)


Here are some updates (well more like tip for people who are new to gunpla) for "White Strike Freedom".

Here, I am showing how to eliminate the gaps between parts.
Above picture show the gaps between parts of "wing unit" of SFG.

I used super glue (plastic cement will also do) to close the gaps, notice the excess glue marks between the parts?

Finally, I sanded the excess glue to smooth out the gaps. Don't worry about the "whiteness" cause by sanding. It can simply be painted over.

Now, here are very cheap way to make your own "part holder" for painting gunpla. You can get fancy clip and/or holders like these. The issue I have using this kind of "fancy" stuff is that these are just too darn expensive..... a set (dozen,.. if you are lucky) may cost you between 20-40 bucks.

I'd say that's too much for someone who is new to this. So here is alternative solution... DO YOU LIKE SHISH KABOB? You can get 100 bamboo skewers from wal-mart for less than $2. These are excellent choice as holder. Now, as far as clips are concern.....

HandiTAK!! This is also about $2 at any office supply store. I prefer this over clip because it can hold the smallest parts and customized to hold those "weird and odd" shaped parts.

Finally, the base of holder.....

I got those floral styrofoam from wal-mart. It cost me about $.90.
Now, I have gunpla part clip and holder for $4.90. Now, that!! is affortable!

Here is how I used to paint the SFG.

Thanks for reading!


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eddie s said...

i forgot to ask what kind of superglue you use and what kind of sandpaper along with grit.