Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mechanical Hangar (Autobot Hangar) Part 4

More painting and detail updates....

1. Masked the floor to paint caution area.

2. Painted some plastic tubes to be added as the tanks and fuel holder for the hangar.

3. Here are some more updated photos. Detail update includes:
a. Painted plastic tubes installed to the back wall.
b. Weapon holder (made from Chain base parts) installed to the side wall.
c. Dribrushed scaffolding.
d. Installed hangar lift to side wall.
e. Installed utility power lines to back and side walls.

4. Let's end with few diorama shots (Optimus Prime was intruducted to this battle axe and gatling gun).

Thanks for reading~


Gabriel said...

I have a question, as you did your figure optimus had chest as in the third movie?

Zebu said...

This is optimus prime figure from the "Jet prime" that was released this year.