Monday, August 8, 2011

Mechanical Hangar (Autobot Hangar) Part 2


Here is quick update.

1. Soldered single LED and secured on to the Mechanical Chain #4 light fixture using epoxy.

2. Here are four work lights which, will luminate the hangar from the front/side. As you can see, they are quite exposed looking.

3. Next, using 2mm styrene strip, I've made protative guards and secured it using super glue. Here is finisned look after coloring it black.

4. A shot of hangar afer side/front work lights are installed.

5. Added more railing to the ceiling.

6. All lights are installed (total 20 bright white LEDs so far).

7. Final few shots. More to come! Thanks for reading.


1 comment:

ruz_ban said...

Hi! Nice work, using this as an inspiration to what I'll be building, but I just wanna ask, how many resistors did you use? because I have 8 white LED lights and 2 warm white, and using a 12v adaptor to power them.