Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gunpla videos on youtube.


I am about to move and things has been crazy! (Thus, no new works/posts lately). However, I wanted to post some useful gunplay videos I found on Yes there are many many gunplay videos on youtube. However, not all are useful.

Below are some videos I found useful for those who wish to learn more about the basics of Gunpla (IMO). Enjoy.

1. BAKUC - How to build GUNPLA (Part One)
(For those of you who does not know what "BAKUC" is). Bandai Action Kits Universal Cup (BAKUC) is an awesome place to go to get "inspired" and/or see some great works.

Anyways here is the video about "How to build GUNPLA" by BAKUC (However, video maybe not be uploaded by BAKUC) Anyways, I'll shut up for now... check out these videos.

I will be able to do some more gunpla once I settle in my new place (Probably mid-end FEB 09)



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